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The more I know the mountain, the more I realize I do not know anything about it. I only know I love nature and to be in contact with the land, and that I discover a new mountain on each trip. I try dedicating all the time I can to be in contact with it, whether it is doing stuff, researching or gathering information on mountain routes; and with this passion, I try to guide and accompany my clients.

I first began in this world about 20 years ago. First, with small getaways that took me closer to what has become one of my favorite places, the Picos de Europa.

The more I travelled the mountain, the more I wanted to discover new places, and without noticing it, the mountain became an essential part of my life. Like that, the trips started to increase in time, intensity and technical difficulty. I started with the Picos de Europa, especially due to its proximity, Sierra de Gredos, and Sierra Nevada, and in a few years, I was trekking through the Pyrenees and the Alps, to later continue trekking the difficult GR20 that runs through the island of Corsica from South to North. In 2012, I was able to successfully complete the climb to Mount Klimanjaro in Tanzania, and in 2015, I was lucky to complete the Anapurnas Trekking in Nepal, surrounding the entire Anapurnas mountain range. Between trips, I continue to complete routes and trekking trips in which I travel and discover the valleys and mountains of my region, as the Picos de Europa are an extraordinary area for me.

My passion for this area led me to organize all the knowledge I acquired, and to train as a Sports Technician on Medium Mountain at the Centro de Estudios Cantabros (CEDEC) in Potes (Cantabria) to be able to pass on this passion to those who wish to get closer to the mountain.

 I know I do not need to go far away to be able to enjoy and feel the mountain, that mountain that is already a part of me and which has given me so much. I offer my guidance, knowledge and love for this activity from that respect and passion.

My name is Pablo Sanz. I am a Spaniard born in Torrelavega, but I spend many seasons in Liebana because of my family. I love that entire wonderful region.

I have a degree in Physical Education and I am a Sports Technician on Medium Mountain, as it allows me to combine two of my greatest passions, physical activity and the mountain.

My love of nature and the mountain was born thanks to my grandfather and my parents. They used to take my sisters and I to spend the summer near Espinama or Fuente Dé, in one of the cabins the shepherds would lend them, or as we grew older, they took us to the campsites in the Potes area, from where we travelled to visit and tour those mountains. I have to thank them mainly for the enjoyment I get from walking or running through those mountains and from continuing to learn paths and places that would otherwise be impossible to visit and enjoy.

From there, I had had the opportunity to visit and become familiar with all the great mountain ranges of Spain; the Pyrenees, Gredos, Sierra Nevada… There are no limits. I am always learning and enjoying this wonderful profession.

My biggest enjoyments are trekking trips several day’s long and days spent observing the flora and fauna.

My greatest motivation when creating this project is to be able to teach, guide and show our clients the beauty and richness offered by nature and its mountains.

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